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Giuseppe was born and raised in Padua (in Italian: Padova), a town in Veneto, with great history, an important economic hub in the region and not less true, utterly beautiful and a great place to grow up!

After a career as an athlete (swimming), Giuseppe decides to change his vocation in life, and chooses to follow through a new dream: oenology.

This particular passion came out of the blue, during a trip to Tuscany, opening his eyes as he realized the great variety of dimensions that the production of wine requires. Immediately after that moment, it became clear that the first step of the rest of his life, would start at the faculty of Oenology at the University of Udine.

The studies confirm his expectations, making wine is a great profession and to maximize the experience, Giuseppe manages to find seasonal work as part of the studies, and gets his first wine production experiences in Veneto, Friuli, Sicily and Mendoza. Also after he graduates, he manages to find projects in different regions. This is the best he could hope for, as each of the different winemakers he works with, each from different regions, all have a different view on wine, have different styles, have different techniques, different terroirs and weather conditions. Giuseppe gets opportunies in neighboring regions such as the Euganean Hills, but also finds them in Piave, Montalcino and Chianti.

All these years in the field, have provided him a key lesson: every new experience is an opportunity to exchange knowledge with other professionals. Professionals that are lovers of what they do, that are willing to share the knowledge and best practices nurturing the life of a winemaker. These exchanges of experiences, foster the creation of new ideas, allow to learn and improve existing processes and builds up a network of professionals for the future.

Giuseppe grew fast and acknowledges that the most fundamental collaborations have been those with Tiglio Borgo, Castello di Buttrio, Vignalta, Cantine Settesoli, Maeli Wine, Novus Ordo vineyards, Anna Spinato, Penet-Chardonnet Champagne and of course the productions of La Giostra del Vino, that thanks to allowing experimentation, became a success story that still today is improving, year on year.

Today, Giuseppe is a wine maker that successfully supports several wineries in Argentina and Italy, and in parallel collaborates with prestigious projects in the United States and in France.



Jacques, a Dutch native, grew up in the green heart of the Netherlands, between the Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht between flowers and cheeses. With an early interest for international business and engineering, Jacques decides to study industrial engineering and business administration, and after that manages to work for several multinationals to build up his international experience. During a trip to Argentina, he meets Giuseppe who has an important shared interest: enjoy life and drink good wine.

This becomes the basis of a shared goal, work together to produce and distribute high-quality wines. Jacques' logistics experience, project and programme management experience, and process improvement experience, makes him a great asset in the 'La Giostra del Vino' project and during the years it becomes clear that a great team emerged.

Jacques' passion is to achieve high quality in everything he does, designing clear processes with room to experiment and build on lessons learned, to obtain the best possible.

The key to success is to have the ambition to create a great product, have the focus to learn from the past for those elements that you need for the future and want to improve over time, but be sure that there is a clear line between the production and the customer experience and that you need to be innovative and dare to focus on the changing future.

Wo we are | Our philosophy

'La Giostra del Vino', our high-end wine project, came into being with the production of the first Bacán Malbec Clásico back in 2007. Since then, not only have we managed to expand our wine portfolio with an average of one wine per year, but also have we achieved a quality increase year on year. The latter is what we are particularly proud of. Each year our previous experiences helped us improve our product, our processes and thereby, the experience of our customers.

Behind our wines there is a team of highly creative, passionate, and professional individuals — each of whom we will introduce to you in case you visit us. For now, we present ourselves, on the left Giuseppe Franceschini, the winemaker, responsible and hands-on involved in the whole production process, from the health of the grape plants, until the process of bottling and keeping the wine in the best possible conditions; on the right Jacques Hoogeveen, responsible for the coordination of everything between the production process and the customer experience. Wines need to match what our customers want, travel through the right channels and finally get to our customers at the right moment: a moment to enjoy!